Interesting that Governor Whitmer waited until late Friday evening after many have left for their holiday weekend to extend her stay-at-home/house arrest order until June 12th.  She also extended her state of emergency declaration covering the entire state through June 19th.

With her emergency declaration she has effectively taken control over the entire state government, a government and people who must obey every single one of her executive orders. Michigan Court of Claims Judge Cynthia Stephens, a Granholm appointee, issued an opinion last Thursday stating exactly that.

Whitmer first declared a state of emergency on March 10th effectively taking total control of the state of Michigan.  With her extension of the state of emergency through June 19th she will have extended her total reign over Michigan for more than 3 months and counting.  This control has effectively deemed elected state Representatives and Senators non-essential.

I ask the question: if Whitmer through her continued use of her constitutionally challenged emergency declaration has deemed these state Representatives and Senators non-essential why are they collecting a salary paid by Michigan taxpayers, many of whom by Whitmer's actions have lost their jobs?

Why have they not been thrown into Michigan’s challenged unemployment system as Whitmer has thrown millions of Michiganders on?

All of the elected Republicans in Michigan’s House of Representatives and Senate have voted to work via voting against Whitmer’s emergency declaration.  All of the elected Democrats in the House of Representatives except Karen Whitsett and all in the Senate have voted to not work via voting for Whitmer’s emergency declaration.  Should you not call every elected Democrat politician in Michigan and ask them why are they still being paid if Whitmer deemed them non-essential?

Why are they not waiting for their unemployment checks as many of their constituents are?

Click on the following link to find their office numbers and call them.

You must really ask yourself why at these politicians taking our tax dollars when they have voted themselves to be none-essential?

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