On Monday Governor Whitmer issued Executive Order 2020-147. This order requires individuals to wear a face-covering whenever they are in an indoor public space. It also requires the use of face coverings in crowded outdoor spaces, where you cannot maintain proper social distancing.  This same order also requires any business that is open to the public to refuse entry or service to people who refuse to wear a face covering, with limited exceptions.

Last Monday I wrote a piece predicting exactly what is happening today.  In that piece I stated:

My concern about this particular Executive Order Whitmer has issued is the possible harm and deaths it will cause due to potential customers getting upset with the people who will not allow them in their places of business without a mask.  Remember what happened at the Family dollar store in Flint about two months ago?  A security guard was shot dead after telling a woman she needed to wear a face mask in the store.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened. The other day a man walked into a Meijer in Acme Township near Traverse City and an employee said she informed him of Governor Whitmer's emergency order regarding face mask enforcement.  She went on to say that she repeatedly told the man to put on a mask and he refused.  The man then allegedly pulled a 4-inch pocket knife on the employee.  Once the knife was pulled the female employee said she stepped back and called 911.  At that point, the man left the store before deputies arrived.

According to Up North Live, police arrested the man after initially asking for the public’s help in identifying him.

Yesterday a man walked into a Dimondale Quality Dairy store and stabbed a 77-year-old man after an argument that then turned into a confrontation over masks at the Lansing-area party store.

That man was stopped yesterday afternoon by a Michigan State Police officer. Once stopped the man exited his vehicle and walked directly towards the officer with a knife in one hand and a screwdriver in the other hand.  The man would not listen to commands to stop he just kept moving forward towards the officer.  The officer ultimately had to shoot and injure the man who then ended up dying in surgery at the hospital.

The man actually worked for the Michigan Department of Transportation since 2008, according to department spokesman Jeff Cranson. He was a transportation technician in mix design, which is responsible for pavement design procedures, investigation, training and testing, according to the MDOT website. 

Governor Whitmer, how many more people must be injured or die due to your Executive Order that essentially puts the business owners and their employees in a potentially confrontational and dangerous role?


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