Last Friday Governor Whitmer launched a task force whose goal is to find ways to lower prescription drug prices. She did so by signing an executive order not only creating this lower prescription drug task force but also asking that task force to make their recommendations by August 15th of this year on how they intend to enact policies to lower prescription drugs.

The Detroit News reported that Whitmer issued a statement in which she said:

There are people who are already struggling to get by, who know that any day, they could get a diagnosis that would put them in severe medical debt...that has to change. This task force will take us one step closer to increasing transparency and lowering costs for Michiganders.

Why do these politicians want to always stick their noses into lowering the prices of goods and services provided by private companies but never have a concern of looking inwards at their pricing?  Do you find it interesting that Governor Whitmer wants private companies to lower their prices but one of her first acts after being elected Governor was to increase her prices on our gas by 173%?

I have a simple question, when will she create a task force tasked with the goal to lower our taxes at both the local and state level?

Do you believe she might sign that executive order as soon as the prescription drug task force completes their work?

Why not just sign that executive order now, we could have two task forces working at the same time Govern Whitmer.

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