Michigan legislative Democrats are continuing their push this week to get a new investigation established to look at the state’s ties to the protest at the nation’s capital on January 6th. Democrats Donna Lasinski and Joe Tate from Metro Detroit are leading the effort. They claim there is irrefutable evidence that Republicans, including some in the state legislature, should be held responsible for the events of that day.

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The Democratic push for the investigation is taking on several directions. They are asking people who agree with their position to sign an online petition promoting the legal probe. They are also pursuing the Attorney General to demand state attorneys investigate Republicans who they say are attempting to generate campaign dollars and profit in general from what they call “profiteering.”

The Michigan efforts surrounding the January 6th events in Washington mirror to some degree, the efforts underway in the US Senate and House to hold Republicans responsible for the protest, including former President Donald Trump.

Michigan Democrat Lasinski claims the April 2020 protest at the Michigan State Capital complex over virus restrictions was simply a dress rehearsal for the January 6th protest in Washington.

Lasinski and Representative Tate are pointing fingers at Republicans who control the Michigan legislature for failing to follow their investigative request. They claim the Michigan GOP leaders of the Michigan State House and State Senate are turning their backs on a legitimate request by virtue of theirHouse Concurrent Resolution 10 which asks for a bipartisan review of the events.

Michigan Democrats are asking state residents who agree with their position to sign an online petition which they hope will add more weight to their demands.

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