The Whoa Zone will open June 24 just outside of Gary, Indiana.

Put this on your Summer bucket list: slides, ramps, bridges, half-pipes, platforms, bounce domes and monkey bars floating on Lake Michigan. reports the Whoa Zone at Whihala Beach will be open June 24.

"It's like an aquatic ninja course. It's a wipeout on the water for the whole family."

-Ron Ron Romens, president of Commercial Recreation Specialists

Kids aged 7 and up through adults are welcome at the 1-acre park- the Whoa Zone is loaded with challenges for all sizes and abilities. Pricing is $20 per hour; for the same price, adults can opt to rent kayaks, stand-up paddleboards or round boats called corcls. Each session includes a 15 minute safety briefing and life jackets are available in all sizes. It is recommended you buy your tickets in advance as the park will sell out on hot Summer days.

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