What makes a politician so special that when they die the state lowers our American flag?  In fact they only lower the American flag when some politicians die but not all, again I ask the question why?

In most cases a politician is paid very well, everyone in Congress gets a base salary of $174,000 per year and leadership receives more.  What do they exactly do for that money paid by us taxpayers, well honestly not much that benefits the people who pay them, in fact what they do often harms there constituents.

The recent case was Michigan’s Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, ordering that flags be lowered to half-staff in the state Capitol complex and in public buildings and grounds across Michigan to honor the late John Conyers.

Congressman Conyers, was a Detroit Democrat, who was one of the longest-serving members of Congress and I ask any one of you to name off the top of your head what he accomplished since being in Congress?  He served from January 3, 1965 to December 5, 2017, that my friends is 52 years and again what did he do for the people?  In fact Conyers resigned according to NPR (the leftist National Public Radio) for “Conyers Resigns Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations”. In that article they state:

Several women have accused the Michigan Democrat, who is the most senior member of Congress, of verbal abuse, inappropriate touching and groping over decades.

The article went on to say:

Last week, a woman who received a $27,000 confidential settlement, Marion Brown, described to NBC's Today her accusations against Conyers. "Violating my body, propositioning me, inviting me to hotels with the guise of discussing business, and then propositioning for sex," Brown said. "He just violated my body. He has touched me in different ways, and it was very uncomfortable and very unprofessional.

Brown said she came forward because she wants "to be a voice" and so that her granddaughter would "not have to endure sexism and gender inequality. I thought it was worth the risk to stand up for all the women in the workforce that are voiceless."

Pelosi, D-Calif., had called for Conyers' resignation after Brown's TV appearance.

For all of that Governor Whitmer still found it appropriate to lower flags to half-staff.

Governor Whitmer said that former Congressman Conyers’ impact on Michigan “will not be forgotten.”   I again ask anyone to name something that former Congressman Conyers did for the people in the 52 years he was in Congress.

This piece is not intended to pick on Conyers because I would apply this to all politicians in any political party.  Most say what they have to say to get elected and then do not even attempt to do what they said they would to get elected and the “intelligent” people in their districts keep re-electing them.

Now most would probably point to leadership being the problem, whatever they point to my question is still the same, why do we lower the American flag for some politicians when they die.  Is it the politicians honoring each other in hopes for when they die they might be honored?

President’s death I can understand, any other politician I do not.

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