It's that very special time of the year again. The snow has fallen and will continue to bless our beautiful state with bitter cold that makes us wanna stay in bed under a warm blanket all day. Sadly the forces of reality set in and we are forced to get out of bed and face the world. But it isn't all bad. There are actually some amazing things about living here during the winter:

1. Everyone Around You Is In A Super Good Mood- What is it about the winter season that always brings out the best in Michiganders? It's like, every time I turn around you see people going out of their way to help one another all while sharing a smile with them.

2. People Always Drive Carefully, Kindly and Cautiously-  This is one of my favorite things. The roads are always in great condition and the people driving are always in a chipper and cheerful mood. Letting one another pull out onto the road, using their blinkers to indicate they're about to cut you off and people never on their phones. Driving is fun in the snow.

3. It's Really Not That Cold As It Seems- We just found out that this week, Michigan is going to be as cold as Antarctica, but is it even that bad? In winter on the planet Mars, near the poles, temperatures can get down to -195 degrees. Still feel like complaining? At least we aren't on Mars.

4. People Always Pick Up Their Dog Droppings In The Snow-  Whenever I'm going on a nature walk, I always see skat on the ground. Granted it's probably from a wild animal. People never do the lazy thing and kick snow over their dog's poop. Never. I never take a walk and go "gross, what is that?" Then continue to scrape whatever I just stepped in onto a tree. People are good pet owners in the winter.

5. Winter In Michigan Lasts Until April- The worst part of the year is when the -10 degree days end and Spring tries to sneak its' ugly face back into our lives. luckily for Michiganders, our beloved Winter is a fighter. During April, temperatures start going back up to the upper 50's and 60's, bringing nasty beautiful days. But just when you think winter is gone, it jumps back in and we get a 28-degree day with snow randomly.  It's so awesome.


These are just some of the awesome reasons everyone should feel lucky to live in Michigan during winter. I don't think I'd want to live anywhere else during this time, to be honest. Let's just build a snowman and be happy with what we have!


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