Out of the 100 biggest metros in America, this Michigan city was ranked #100 on the 2021 Best Summer Travel Destinations.

After losing the ability to travel for much of 2020 and 2021, many Americans are itching for a Summer vacation.  Wallet Hub just released their study of the 100 best (or worst) Summer travel destinations using these 6 key factors:

  • Travel Costs & Hassles
  • Local Costs
  • Attractions
  • Weather
  • Activities
  • Safety
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Three cities in Michigan landed in the top 100 most populated metros in the U.S.  Let's just say, it wasn't a good showing for the Mitten State in this study.  Click here to see the full methodology of the study to understand how Wallet Hub came up with these results.

#70. Grand Rapids-Kentwood, MI Metro Area

GR actually ranked an impressive #14 out of 100 for travel costs.  However, Safety (#87 out of 100) and weather (#76 out of 100) seemed to bring the River City's overall ranking down.

Google Maps Street View

#88. Detroit-Warren-Dearborn, MI Metro Area

Michigan's largest metro ranked an average of #50 out of 100 on all key factors but one...safety.  The Detroit area ranked the worst in the U.S. for safety in this study.

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#100. Lansing-East Lansing, MI Metro Area

Safety (#99 out of 100,) travel costs (#95 out of 100) and attractions (#92 out 100) seem to be what dropped Lansing to the bottom of the list.

McConnell Adams, TSM Lansing

Clearly, this study missed the mark.  Who wants to travel to a large, crowded metro for a Summer vacation?  Here are 6 amazing places that are a must visit in Michigan for a Summer trip.

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You can see dozens of pictures from each of these 6 Michigan locations by clicking here.

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