Update: Sometimes there are happy endings: The stolen Baby Moo and the ear from Blue Moo have been returned and recovered.

From a Facebook post by Sherman's Monday evening:

Because of the HUGE pressure from social media and all of you getting the word out about Blue Moo and Baby Blues cow-napping, in less than 12 hours she has been returned to us and she brought Blue Moo's ears with her!! The South Haven police were amazing in so quickly apprehending 3 suspects from GR. Baby Blue sustained some major injuries and will need to take some time off to recuperate. You'll see them again together in the Spring!!

What follows here is the original story posted Monday morning, August 31st.

With all the horrible things going on in the country right now, a case of theft and vandalism isn't going to get too many headlines, except that the item vandalized is the blue cow from Sherman's Ice Cream in South Haven. The ear of that statue was broken off. And, the "Baby Moo" cow was stolen. It's a long time local "landmark", and the owners and the residents of South Haven deserve at least an answer, though it wouldn't surprise me if that answer to a senseless crime like this is "I don't know."

Sadly last night vandals have destroyed one of western Michigan’s most loved symbols. 😭 Sometime between 12:30 and 8am,...

Posted by Things To Do In South Haven on Monday, August 31, 2020

From "Things to Do in South Haven's Facebook page: "Sadly last night vandals have destroyed one of western Michigan’s most loved symbols. Some time between 12:30 and 8am, thugs tipped over Blue Moo, broke off her ears and stole Baby Moo. From Sherman’s Ice Cream Parlor."

The angry reaction to the post is no surprise, with Renee Gilleran's typical of about 99% of the comments. "Awful...just so senseless! I hope they catch these vandals and make them pay for the destruction!"

Another from Marcia Hoke: Sickening what people will do out of pure evil. Just to destroy something, yet they would scream loudly if someone stole or defaced something of theirs. Sick individuals..."

And many parents will echo Nancy Dorn's thoughts: "My daughter is going to be devastated! She gets her picture taken with the cow in the background every single year! WTF is wrong with people! Why so much hate???"

As of mid-morning, South Haven Police had nothing new to share on the investigation.

Anyone with any information should contact the South Haven Police Department at 269-637-5151.

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