Chances are you've heard people say "Kalamazoo doesn't support anything". With ESPN's College Game Day coming to town Saturday, will that finally change?

(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Bear with me on this because I've got several thoughts that are interrelated. For years, I've heard and I've also repeated that Kalamazoo doesn't support anything. There is truth in that.

Let's look at WMU Bronco Football attendance: You can say, well, people haven't had anything to get excited about for years, which is true, but you've got a ranked team that went to a bowl game last year and going into this season , you knew was clearly even better. Shouldn't every game be a sellout?

Waldo Stadium holds 30,200. Yet the only crowds bigger than 30,000 have all been road games. (Northwestern, Illinois and Central Michigan.)

The Bronco home games have drawn 23,727, 17,208, 28,042 and 23,721 so far. And this is for a team that ranks 14th in one national poll. Good luck if it's snowing or raining sideways. But you know, in those conditions, Michigan, Michigan State and Notre Dame would be full or pretty darn near capacity. And MSU and ND are terrible this year.

You'd think that every store marquee would have some variation of  "Good Luck, Broncos!".  And everywhere you go, people would be talking about it.

Okay, here's where I'm arguing against my basic premise, but I understand, we just had a really ugly election (that captivated a lot of people), that NFL ratings are down on TV, over-saturation of games, Western only sells out Comm-University Night, etc. But when the answer to the question, "who are the only two undefeated FBS teams in college football?" And the answer is Alabama and Western Michigan. I think there should be more excitement, ESPN or no ESPN. And Waldo Stadium should be packed.