Known as the biggest comic con in Michigan, Motor City Comic-Con has announced a very exciting guest for their 2022 convention. It's especially exciting if you're a huge fan of Star Trek.

From Captain Kirk to the face of Priceline Negotiator to now, the oldest man to have been to space, none other than William Shatner is set to make an appearance at this year's Motor City Comic-Con.

Motor City Comic-Con, or MC3, began over 30 years ago in Detroit and now boasts over 50,000 attendees.

The con, which takes place May 13th-15th, will feature vendors, artwork for sale, comics galore, plenty of people in cosplay, and, of course, celebrities! The full list of expected celebrities will continue to be updated. For now, William Shatner is the only listed name.

Shatner's career took off in 1966 when he portrayed Captain Kirk on the hit television series, Star Trek. He went on to star in several Star Trek movies, hosted Rescue 911, won several awards, and, most recently, became the oldest man to travel to space:

How Do I Buy Tickets and How Much Are They?

Tickets can be bought online or at the door. Although, there's no guarantee that tickets will still be available the day of. You can either buy a single-day pass, a weekend pass, or a VIP pass. Prices range from $30 - $249 and do increase on the day of the con. You can find all the ticketing information here.

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I've Never Been to a Con. Do I Have to Dress Up?

Absolutely not. The beautiful thing about comic-cons, like the MC3, is that it's a celebration of all things "nerdy". You can dress up as an obscure character from your favorite cartoon or video game or just come as yourself. There's no expectation.

There are, however, a few things you should bring with you should you plan to attend. Keep in mind, these days are usually very long and you'll be on your feet most of the day. With that being said, make sure to pack:

  •  a refillable water bottle
  • snacks (you'll be waiting in line a lot)
  • an extra bag within your bag (for all the potential merch)
  • sharpie and notebook (for autographs!)

There are a few more things on the list which you can see at They include an entire guide for first-timers that's pretty handy.

And, just in case you want to brush up on your Star Trek knowledge, get ideas for costumes, or just want to see Captain Kirk kicking some butt...check this out:

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