You know that excitement as a kid, waking up on Christmas Morning, running out of your room, and being SO surprised at the gifts and toys that magically appeared under the tree overnight?

This is kind of the opposite of that.

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CBS news reports that a couple in Wisconsin stabbed, shot, and killed a black bear in their home last week while their children slept just down the hall from where it happened.

The couple said they were watching a black bear eat from their bird feeder when it attacked them in their home near Medford in north-central Wisconsin. The couple were yelling at the bear to go away, when it suddenly charged and broke through a window.

Both the husband and wife sustained injuries from the attack. One of them was able to grab a kitchen knife and stabbed the bear repeatedly. Eventually, the husband was able to grab a firearm and took down the bear in the hallway of their home, just yards away from where their children were sleeping. They were unharmed in the whole ordeal.

The couple was taken to the hospital to treat several bites and other injuries, but are otherwise OK.

The bear was an adult female, and the couple said they did see a cub run off when the attack began.

So it's likely, the mother bear was just spooked, and protecting her cub, or at least THOUGHT that's what she was doing. But then again, so were these amazing parents. Bear busts through the window of your home, you've got small children sleeping down the hall.. you kill that bear... damn near with your bear hands and a knife!

Unreal story, and we're happy everyone's OK for the most part, but GEEZ man. Imagine being those kids, you walk out the door of your room, see your parents, Bitten and bleeding, standing over the corpse of a huge black bear, holding a kitchen knife and gun... those kids DEFINITELY have trauma now.

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