Have you felt that Western Michigan University has been underrated while enjoying their undefeated 2016 season? This chart just might prove you're right.

Redditor BradlyL created this chart which shows every team competitive in this year's college football playoff picture. In each case, the line of losses each team suffered was to a team that ether lost to WMU or lost to a team that lost to WMU.

The loss-chart generally flows through Northwestern and Central Michigan, which scored a large, but controversial upset victory over Oklahoma State earlier this season. Both schools lost to Western.

The longest loss-chain on the chart belongs to the Washington Huskies. WU lost to USC who lost to Stanford who lost to Washington State who lost to Boise State who lost to Wyoming to lost to Eastern Michigan who lost to Western Michigan.

No matter how you slice it, with the exception of also-undefeated Alabama, every school in the country who might see some Bowl Championship action lost to a school that somewhere along the line lost to someone else who fell to PJ Fleck's Western Michigan Broncos.

See the full chart here on reddit's College Football subreddit and prove that WMU is clearly belongs in the Bowl Championship Series.

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