With and extra $12-13k a year in Kalamazoo, what could a college student buy?

Western Michigan University has announced it will cut undergraduate out of state tuition by almost 50%. "According to the university, 2016-2017 basic tuition rates, annual tuition and required fees for a nonresident freshman or sophomore would be nearly cut in half, taking it down to $14,366 from its current cost of $26,851."

What could a college student in Kalamazoo buy with $12,485?


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    A round for your friends

    At $105 a 1/4 keg at MegaBev for Bell's Two Hearted, you could buy almost 120 of them.

    Oli Scarff, Getty Images
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    Season tickets

    You could buy season tickets for WMU football, bang on the glass every game the K-Wings play and eat your fill at the ol' ball game with the Kalamazoo Growlers and still have another $5,000 left for souvenirs.

    Nic Taylor, ThinkStock
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    A vintage Gibson guitar

    Gibson guitars were made in Kalamazoo before the plant moved to Memphis. Several collectibles go for big money including a 1969 Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty "Fretless Wonder" listed on Reverb for $12,500.

    Spencer Platt, Getty Images
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    A new ride

    Forget the trendy Uber or Lyft, the iconic Checker Cab is where it all started in Kalamazoo. $9,500 will get you an original 1982 taxi.

    Alex Wong, Getty Images
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    A spacious home

    Two bedrooms- no roommate! Move out of the dorms and into this refurbished home on Kalamazoo's North side for only $9,999.

    Robert Potter, First Choice of West Michigan Realty