The Western Michigan University Athletic Department released a new video promoting PJ Fleck's football program and it will make you fistpumpingly excited for Bronco football.

Following early season wins over Big 10 opponents, the 2016 campaign of Bronco football feels like it's going to be something special. That sentiment was shared recently on Sportscenter when the ESPN flagship show dedicated a segment to Coach Fleck and his 'Row the Boat' philosophy. That feeling is enhanced with the release of this video.

The video opens will a fiery Fleck speech to his players talking about elite moments and how their efforts on the field have

created and brought back excitement, life, spirit, purpose back to Kalamazoo. And you can feel it.

Yes, you can.

Central Western Weekend May Get National Attention

The October 1 Central-Western match-up takes on additional meaning this year as both programs are projected to arrive at Kelly/Shorts Stadium in Mount Pleasant with unblemished records. So more than just the traditional rivalry will be at stake this year, there's supremacy in the Mid-American Conference and what could be a national spotlight as a strong effort has been started to get the ESPN 'College Gameday' crew to come to Central for the game.

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