An ice fisherman, Ryan Thorburn was peacefully fishing in Heyden, Ontario on a frozen lake.  If anyone has been ice fishing you know that there is really not much going on other than feeling like you are freezing to death.

Well, something very exciting happened while this man was fishing and luckily it was caught in a video.

When he decided to call it a day he started to pack up his gear and he then saw a coyote running towards him.  In fact, you could say the coyote looked like he was running for his life, well he actually was.

Ryan took about his phone and started to film the coyote running towards him at what appeared to be full speed.  In fact, it was full speed because a very large wolf was running at his top speed to catch him, apparently, it was dinner time.

Ryan told MLive:

“They ran right past me, the one right in front of me you see in the video, then the second wolf behind me. The one behind me stopped and stared at me. It did frighten me because I don’t trust wolves. This was definitely a surreal experience”

Stopped and stared at me, now that probably warmed him up pretty quickly.

It appeared to be that coyote's lucky day because Ryan thought when he started his snowmobile the sound scared them away.  He told MLive:

“They did get the pounce on the coyote, however, my snowmobile did scare them. The wolves then went one way and the coyote went another”

Check out the video it is pretty amazing

The coyote lived to be hunted another day.

If any of you have a great video like this that you personally took please let me know.

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