The reason this Minnesota woman just set fire to a stranger's SUV in Ohio in mind boggling.

Thursday Night a Duluth, Minnesota woman named Nicolle Wilson allegedly set fire to an SUV in Liberty, Ohio.  This case is puzzling to say the least.  Police were able to quickly identify the suspect using nearby security camera footage.  Liberty Township Fire Department captain inspector Cathy Macchione told that when they brought her in for questioning she admitted to everything,

She basically said that it was a science experiment and she wanted to see what it would do. She told us exactly what she did.

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So, the suspect was caught on video.  She then confessed to the crime while using the strangest excuse ever.  Yet, she plead not guilty to her arson charge?

There is no word yet on why the suspect was in Liberty, Ohio since she lives 12 hours away.  Did she travel to the Buckeye state only to perform her 'science experiment?'  Also, what kind of science experiment was she hoping to perform here?  Wilson is likely to find out that destroying another person's property and putting life's in danger comes with consequences, even if you have a science experiment.

The suspect's bond was set at $15,000.  Her preliminary hearing is set for June 23rd.  If found guilty Wilson could spend up to 18 months in jail.

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