Seems like the world gets scarier by the day with more and more instances of near-kidnappings being spread on social media. Some even very close to home.

A woman recently posted on Facebook that her daughter had a near-abduction instance at a Meijer in Three Rivers.

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A post from the account of Jessica Lynn Tone claims her daughter was getting groceries when the incident happened. Her facebook post reads:

"Just a heads up to everyone who shops in three rivers. My daughter went to pick up my groceries at meijer and was almost taken in the parking lot. She got the groceries, grabbed arbys and parked again in meijer to eat.

She got out to make sure the bread wasn't somewhere getting smashed and when she looked up there was a man putting a white piece of paper under her windshield. A white van then started pulling up towards her vehicle.

She jumped into the hatch and shut the trunk door. She then climbed up to her drivers seat and the van pulled up to her drivers door so she couldn't open it.

Thankfully she was smart enough to hurry and pull out. She drove to the fire department next door and police followed her to the highway to make sure she wasn't being followed.

I told her how she should have handled it a weee bit differently but just be on the look out. Don't go alone if you're a young girl or woman. Always know you're surrounds and if it seems off, it probably is."

The post had nearly 600 shares, and over 80 comments from people thankful that the girl was OK and safe. However, there were also comments from people recounting previous instances as well.

One said there was a white van with no back windows reported by families in the Marcellus area that might be making its way into Three Rivers as well. Another commenter recalled:

"A few years ago on the news, there was a lady with a child being followed at Aldi's in Three Rivers. She felt really uncomfortable and left the store. Possibly someone trying to kidnap the child."

Many other comments were praising the girl for her quick thinking and offered suggestions such as carrying some kind of pepper spray, or even insect spray. Some commenters even recommended concealed carry permits to carry a firearm.

Just a few weeks ago, residents in Three Rivers were discussing possible numbers being written on vehicles in a Walmart parking lot, they thought might be for nefarious reasons. However, Three Rivers Police determined in an official report that these incidents didn't happen.

Bottom line here is make sure you stay aware of your surroundings, and be sure someone knows where you're going if you're traveling alone.

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