I believe that the activist women and men are going to find themselves in a pickle over this one.

The Washington Post is reporting on a Massachusetts company named Chariot for Women has come up with a business model in which they will hire only women drivers, and will only accept women or children under 13 as passengers.

Sounds very interesting right, but it also sounds very illegal.

A civil rights lawyers told the Boston Globe that the ban on men would probably conflict with Massachusetts anti-discrimination laws, especially when it comes to hiring.

You think!

Apparently there are exceptions to these types of laws, the laws states that there could be a "bona fide occupational qualification" exception. As we know fitness facilities have won an exemption, i.e. Curves and Fitzone for Women. What is not clear is whether passenger transport services would come under that same exemption.

Chariot for Women lawyer argues that sex is definitely a "bona fide" qualification, due to the fact that safety and security are at issue.

I agree that safety is an issue.

I do not have an issue with a women only passenger transport service because I care about the safety of women and children.  The problem is you cannot have your cake and eat it also, right?

When you are always fighting against men only clubs or what have you how intellectually can you turn around and demand or are ok with women only clubs or services?

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