This Ohio woman allegedly knocked out someone's tooth and bit another person after mask dispute in a super market.

It was an absolutely shocking moment for the employees and customers at the Clifton Market in Cincinnati last Thursday.  Important to note, a gigantic sign that says "Masks are required in this store" is difficult to miss at the entrance of this grocery store.  38-year-old Christeena Carpenter did not seem to get the memo as she walked into the store and did her shopping mask free.  When a manager politely asked her to put a mask on, things turned WWE with a quickness.  Store employee Garrett Meadows told Fox 19 in Cincinnati what happened after he called managers over help,

She tried to light a cigarette, and when we told her not to do that, that’s when she punched my manager across the register. She then proceeded to punch three coworkers, including that first one, several different times. One of my coworkers lost a tooth.

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A customer was allegedly bitten by the angry woman as they attempted to hold her down while waiting for police.  Someone from a neighboring business stopped in to help pin her down while they waited for law enforcement.  There is video footage of the entire incident.  However, police have chosen to keep that under wraps for the time being.  You can see an absolutely shocking screen shot from that video in Fox 19's coverage of the incident by clicking here.

That is 30 minutes that the people in that store will never forget.  Christeena Carpenter is due in court on Wednesday, April 21st to face four counts of assault.

Just last December we brought you the story of a 20-year-old man that pulled brass knuckles out and threatened people at an Ohio Walmart when asked to wear a mask.  Get that full story by clicking here.

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