We asked the question on facebook and twitter what are the worst jobs during West Michigan Winters?

Angie Fornaresio Keith‎ 

Try being a school crossing guard!!!! Not only is it FREEZING, but you have the traffic to handle as well.. Slippery roads with drivers not paying attention makes for a scary hazardous job... "Keep our kids safe"!!!!! Turn your lights on and your phones down on the seat!!!!!



Kelli Lash

My husband used to wash cars using cold water outdoors even had to use a tooth brush on the rims. He worked at greater Kalamazoo auto auction as a car detailer


Bryan Whitmore

Mail or garbage person


Alma Rodriguez



Alyssa Gibson

My dad works as a mail man with a walking route


Bill Hughey

A Firefighter


Ruth Hermenitt 

Anyone who's job requires them to be outdoors in the weather sucks


What do you think is the worst job to have during this rough winter weather in West Michigan?  Let us know in the facebook comments.


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