Summer vacation may soon be a thing of the past as two Kalamazoo schools are back in session as a pilot program for year-round classes.

Known for the scholarships of the Kalamazoo Promise, our city has leaned progressive when it comes to education and now, the shift may be on to year-round classes in Kalamazoo.

Washington Writers Academy and Woodward School for Technology cut short Summer break and returned to the classroom on July 23. This pilot program is designed to include the same number of school days each year, but with more frequent but shorter breaks than the long Summer stretch. Kalamazoo Public Schools Superintendent Michael Rice told NewsChannel 3

Their breaks are spaced more evenly throughout the year, so we anticipate that they’re going to be a little fresher at the end of the year. We think both students and staff will be fresher at the end of the year.

-KPS Superintendent Michael Rice

As you might guess, discussion on Facebook was divided with some arguing for more family time during the Summer and others touting free meals and a place to be as important reasons for sending kids back to school.

For now, these 2 Kalamazoo Public Schools are back in session and, if all goes well, more could make the switch to the year-round model and Summer vacation might be something you tell your grandkids about someday.

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