M-6 is one of Michigan's newest highways having been completed just over 10 years ago. But the concrete is already cracked and crumbling a full 20-25 years ahead of when Michigan highways typically need major overhauls.

Particularly bad is the section of M-6 in Ottawa County at the west end of M-6 near Hudsonville where the highway meets Interstate 196. WZZM reports about a stretch of road

between Wilson Avenue and I-196. That 3-mile stretch of road is only 12 years old, but it's need of total repair. Cracks have opened every 15 feet in the road for miles.

Concrete roads in Michigan are generally supposed to last 25-30 years before major rehabilitation. M-6 was finished in 2004 and now has to be redone.

The Michigan Department of Transportation says they are disappointed by concrete that's failing much earlier than expected in its lifecycle.