You don't see this every day: A house for sale, but not the land. But that's exactly what's happening at this Battle Creek house.

The Callahan's have lived in the home at 2200 Capital Avenue Southwest since the early '70's. Retired now, Marilyn and Burt did some partial remodeling a few years ago on the 1927 Tudor, anticipating their son would take over ownership. Turns out, he isn't interested in the house; in fact, he wants to level it and start over!

But, Marilyn is convinced someone will love the house as much as she and Bert have, so they put a for-sale sign out on Capital Avenue. It's pretty clear: "House for Sale. Must Be Moved From Lot," it reads.

Has she had any takers? Not yet. But lots of interest. The Callahans hope someone will buy it within the next several weeks.

So what happens if they don't find a buyer? Marilyn says her son will demolish it.

BONUS VIDEO - About Battle Creek's Real Estate Market.


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