Say goodbye to Founder's Breakfast Stout, or at least the iconic labeling that we have all become familiar with. The baby that was formerly featured on the Michigan beer is now taking a vacation.

According to the Michigan's Beer Administrative Rules, the under aged character that is the face of this popular beer depicts a minor - and that is a major no no. Thus out of all the states, the home state of Founder's it putting it's foot down. The brewery, however doesn't appear to  be overly affect by the change, and they're letting the baby stand for himself. As they say in their Latest News section on their website regarding this issue, "So what to do when the law is laid down? We say have a little fun with it. The new Michigan label features a note from our small friend with instructions on how to reach him while he’s away. Just wait and see!"

The new Michigan only label for their Breakfast Stout shows the empty chair where the baby once sat, along with a taped a note to the fridge. The phone number listed on the note, 616-522-2720,  is a real phone number that directs you to a voice mail that says:

"Hey, thanks for calling and checking up on me. I'm currently not allowed in my home state of Michigan, so I'm hanging in the rest of the Founders distribution footprint this fall. Leave me a message to let me know how much you love double-chocolate coffee oatmeal stouts, where you're drinking your beer, or, how badly you want me to come home. My Founders family may even use your voicemail for something fun. Maybe I'll see you again next year. Then again, maybe not."

Give it a call and let us know if you think this is too extreme? Or is it merited?

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