The wheels of progress continue to roll slow.  Get it?  Roll?  Anyway, we're heading toward the 3rd anniversary of the Legal Recreational Marijuana law took effect and we can count on one hand the number of places to buy it from a retail facility.  It started with Ann Arbor last December 1st, then Muskegon and we're waiting on Battle Creek to open soon.  Well now we can add Kalamazoo to the list but we'll have to wait.

In an article on, we found out that Kalamazoo Township approved recreational marijuana businesses last night.  By a 4-3 vote the township will opt-in for marijuana growers, processors, retailers, transporters, excess growers, event organizers and testing facilities.  The township will accept applications for recreational business starting Saturday, Feb. 1. An annual fee of $5,000 will apply to all businesses to offset administrative and enforcement costs.  By the way, The city of Kalamazoo and Portage have not yet opted-in.

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