Let’s Make a Deal: Russia, IRS and Benghazi
The Democrat’s and by Democrat’s I mean almost all of the media, are calling for a Special Prosecutor for the alleged President Trump/Russian collusion story that is being pushed by them.
I say ok how about a deal, if you want a Special Prosecutor for the Russian story…
Tax Tip: Don’t Qualify for the EITC? Are You Sure?
The Internal Revenue Service tells WBCK an amazing number of folks who qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) don't claim it on their taxes - simply because they don't know they qualify.
Others may think they don't qualify, but a change in their tax status or income over the p…
Them Against Us: The Protected Political Class
The game has finally played out.
We now know that President Obama places the favored political class (democrats) in front of the rest of us.
The Washington Post and others are reporting that the Obama Administration yet in another Friday night news dump has decided not to charge the disgraced IRS empl…