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Strange, Offensive Christmas Traditions Around The World
It's Christmas time, and here in America, we're setting up our Christmas Trees and laying out milk and cookies for Santa Claus, in preparation for his trip down our chimneys on Christmas Eve.
But in The Netherlands, the Christmas season sees the welcoming of Sinterklaas, and his helper, Z…
Break the Chain of Migration
The terrorist who was attempting to blow something up in New York City but only was able to blow himself up came to the United States via Chain Migration.
What is Chain Migration?
Chain Migration is the process by which foreign nationals are allowed to permanently resettle within the United States and…
Year-To-Date Crash Fatalities Down In Michigan
As of December 12, 978 people have died on Michigan's roadways due to crashes in 2017.
The Michigan Department of Transportation says in a release that in the past week there were 18 fatalities; compared to December 12, 2016, the year-to-date number of fatalities was down by 31.
University of Michigan and Free Speech
University of Michigan President Schlissel told the Detroit Economic Club that he intends to allow the “white supremacist” to speak at the University.
The Detroit News is reporting that the U of M President stated the following at the Detroit Economic Club:
If the University of Michigan does not allow…

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