Did you know you can rent fenced yards by the hour for your dogs to play? It's like Airbnb for your pets.

There really is an app for everything.  You can rent a room, apartment, or even mansion using apps like Airbnb and Vrbo.  You can also rent someone's pool for a pool party now.  Now, you can rent a yard for your dogs to play.  As a dog lover that just recently spent over a thousand dollars to fence my backyard, I understand the need for this type of app.

Below you'll find 12 pieces of property that range from $4 to $14 per dog / per hour.  You'll find everything from huge trails in the woods to fenced and unfenced backyards for your dogs to run around and be dogs.  The listings below are in alphabetical order by city.

12 Southwest Michigan Yards You Can Rent For Your Dog

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Do you have the perfect area for dogs to play and run around and want to make some extra money?  You can get registered to be a dog park host on the Sniffspot app by clicking here.

Dog lovers, we're not done!  Now, let's enjoy Michigan dogs in kayaks.

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