Hoffs vegetable Farm in Coldwater displayed an enormous pumpkin and held a carnival contest to guess the weight of the 443 pound behemoth.

James Marvin of Union City was the winner, judging the heft of the fruit to be 437 pounds, guessing just 6 lbs less than the actual retail price/weight of the gigantic gourd: 443 pounds.

What do you do when you win something like this? Share. Jeanie's Diner in Coldwater has displayed the giant pumpkin outside their business as they celebrate their 10th anniversary. Hoffs Vegetable Farm will close the books on their 75th year after this weekend.

This is going to make one helluva jack-o'-lantern and pumpkin pie for the entire town all through the holidays.

Bonus Video: The Great Pumpkin Drop at Gull Meadow Farms

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