It's an unbelievable thing what so many people in the health industry are doing at a time like this. Many people took those jobs because they wanted to help people. As the pandemic started, many people have left those jobs for fear of getting sick and possibly passing away because of it. For those who have stayed, the risk could eventually be worth it, as a Michigan Senator has suggested front line workers receive a bonus of $25,000 for the conditions of which they're facing.

Fox 2 reports that Gary Peters is just one of the several Democratic Senators calling for the "COVID-19 Heroes Fund," where frontline workers would receive an increase in $25,000 for the rest of 2020 PLUS a $15,000 essential recruitment incentive for employers to recruit and offer premium pay to fight the public health crisis. This would be of massive importance to those who are working in the worst conditions imaginable. The fund also includes grocery store employees, home care workers, pharmacists, postal workers, and other essential employees. PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN.

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