Today on The Live with Renk Show I will be interviewing Alain Burrese.  Alain is an Author, Speaker, and Personal Security, Safety, Self-defense Instructor and Certified Active Shooter Response instructor.

Alain and I will be discussing what you should do if you are faced with an active shooter situation.

We will discuss situational awareness and the most important thing for your safety including:

  • Things to be aware of: Exits, Cover vs Concealment, Things out of the ordinary
  • Options during a shooting: Run/Escape; Lock/Deny Access; Fight/Attack Back
  • Best way to run away? Straight or zig zag?
  • How do you lock or barricade?  Then what?
  • How can you fight back?  Armed vs unarmed options

Join us today at the top of the 11:00 hour on The Live with Renk Show which airs Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to noon. To let me know your thoughts during the show please call (269) 441-9595.

Or please feel free to start a discussion and write your thoughts in the comment section.

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