Last week actor Wesley Snipes sent out a couple of Tweets that made quite a bit of sense.  He was speaking about the entitlement culture that has become so prevalent in our society.  Now back to the matter at hand.  The two tweets he sent out were as follows:

Life will always throw you curves and sometimes you can get hard with those curves.  Attaining wisdom comes from learning to lose and growing from those experiences.

Hopefully the new generation will learn that they are owed nothing from society other than a fair playing field.  A playing field in which if they work hard and when you are knocked down get right back up, learn from your mistakes or misfortunes and try again.

I have been thrown a curve ball many times through out my life and have been knocked down many times by those curve balls but I always get up and attempt to do my best at whatever I do.  We all have in this us to do so, we just need to do it.

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