I am constantly thinking of ways to express my thoughts about the issues of the day.    I want to make sure I present those thoughts in a clear and precise way in which to open the minds of my listeners and readers to perhaps a different view or put those issues in context.  Sometimes I believe I overthink the issues of the day and how to express my thoughts about them.

This is one of those situations in which we should go by the acronym KISS and I do not mean the band, I mean “Keep It Simple Stupid”.  The Democrats are throwing so much havoc and chaos at the American citizens these days where do you start.

Then it came to me while working out last weekend. You start by not getting to in the weeds of the multiple fires they with their conspirators in the media throw at you and just relax, open your ears and mind to what they are telling us.

Americans should just stop and listen to the people; elected politicians, the media, and voters in the Democratic Party.   There is so much chaos and destruction brought on the American people by the Democratic Party that it is sometimes impossible to comprehend all they are doing.

I say relax, sit back with your favorite beverage, and start listening to the Democrats.  They are telling us exactly what they intend to do if given the power.  They tell us:

  • They will “defund” the police.  Some say they want to partially "defund" the police as Joe Biden has said he wants to do and others are saying they want to fully “defund” the police.  
  • They are ok with lawlessness because they are constantly making excuses for violent mobs to riot, loot, burn, and destroy everything in sight.
  • They want to open all of our borders and let the entire world into our country and then provide free healthcare to them.
  • They want to give free healthcare for anyone who is on American soil, but with open borders how do you define American soil.
  • They want to give citizenship to all illegal aliens and allow them to vote in our elections.
  • They will raise taxes on all of us who actually pay taxes
  • They want to get rid of Free Speech by labeling what they do not want people to hear as "hate speech".

There is more but I will stop there.

It is not that hard to listen to them and believe what they are telling us.

They want to destroy the things in our country and society that bring us together as people, our common bonds, our history, our statues, our favorite sports teams, and our love of country.

I heard someone the other day describe what is happening as a typical hostage crisis. We have the violent faction of the Democratic Party that calls themselves Antifa (a fascist group by their actions) telling us that if you don’t give us power through our political wing, the Democratic Party, we will continue to terrorize your cities.

They are telling us that they are going to continue to hold the American people, hostage until you give us the power we demand. When they get complete power than what do you think will happen next?

We are told that these are just simple protesters made up of children, Moms and apple pie.  Consider protestors usually demand something and if they get it they will stop their protesting.   What are these children and Mom’s asking for?

Look what is happening in Portland?  When they asked for the defunding of the police and received it they did not stop their harmless innocent protest, they actually ramped it up and got worse.

My fellow Americans relax and open your minds and listen to what the Democrats are telling you.  If you hear them you will run as far away from that party as you can come this November.  Remember a vote at any level for a Democrat is a vote enabling what they are doing to America and their citizens today.

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