Former New York Mayor, billionaire Michael Bloomberg, is writing big checks to pay for television ads in Michigan. He’s trying to sell himself as the only viable Democratic candidate to beat Republican President Donald Trump. The Michigan Campaign Finance Network reports Bloomberg is paying $7.5 million to pay for a flourish of TV ads across Michigan through tomorrow.  Bloomberg has opened two campaign offices in Southeast Michigan. He has plans to open another 10 around the rest of the state.
His campaign already has 60 employees on the payroll, with more positions expected to be filled over the next couple weeks.

Bloomberg was a late entry into the race. He didn’t announce until this past November. He’s skipped the first four contests in order to focus on the Super Tuesday races. Those are followed by the March 10 primaries, especially the biggest delegate haul here in Michigan. Supporters argue Bloomberg has the experience, money and the right stands on the issues such as climate change, urban renewal, crime prevention and jobs to take votes away from Trump. Bloomberg also has hired on high-profile, experienced political consultants such as Jill Alper, the Grosse Pointe resident who ran former Gov. Jennifer Granholm's campaign and worked on the Democratic presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. The former New York mayor is scheduled to campaign in Michigan tomorrow.

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