See Kalamazoo's Benjamin Yonattan at Kalamazoo Valley Museum.

Remember when Guatemalan adoptee Benjamin Yonattan inspired the judges on America's Got Talent?

He will electrify you in person at Kalamazoo Valley Museum on Friday, February 12.

"Dance is my passion. I can't imagine life without dancing," Benjamin says in his Facebook profile. Growing up nearly completely blind in a foreign country, he has an incredible life story as well that you will hear about following his performance.

Admission does require you to become a museum member, but that's easy!

The Museum Explorers program is a 'membership' program offering special presentations when the Museum is not open to the public, as well as private openings for new exhibits. Explorers members will also have opportunities to help identify future traveling exhibits and test possible new permanent exhibits. Membership requires an e-mail address to receive special invitations.

-Kalamazoo Valley Museum official website

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