One if by land, two if by sea- it doesn't matter when your car can navigate the roadways and waterways with ease.

The 1960's were an ambitious time in America's history. Nationally we were caught up in the space race with the Soviet Union, the struggle for civil rights and the birth of rock & roll. In Kalamazoo, the Orthopedic Frame Company changed its name to Stryker Corporation as Gibson was cranking out guitars and Checker Motors was constructing cabs. Kellogg's was churning out boxes and boxes of cereal to be shipped across the country and the 7 mills owned by Allied Paper Corporation employed 1300 Kalamazooians who spent their discretionary income on the thriving Kalamazoo Mall.

Locals often traveled to Lake Michigan for vacations and leisure time and would occasionally spot the most unusual hybrid- the amphibious car that could ride the waves as easily as it could change lanes. Collectors still seek out these vehicles and meet to navigate the waters of the Great Lakes and their inlets.

Bonus Video: The History of Checker Motors in Kalamazoo

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