A bald eagle was killed over the weekend, when she was stuck by a truck.

The news is sad, but the humanity shown in the care for the bird during the last hours of her life is heart warming.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the bird was hit by a pick-up truck on Saturday and died on Tuesday during surgery. James Sikarski, a wildlife veterinarian told The Detroit Free Press...

"the bald eagle’s fractured humerus was “so shattered” it could not be saved. The injury and the anesthetic were too much for the bird."

When the bird was hit in the Fowlerville area, not only did the driver of the truck stop, but two passerby's. Kerry Valentine and Jessica Ricter assisted in attempting to save the Eagle. The team of 3 wrapped the injured bird in a blanket and took her to the Howell Nature Center. Unfortunately, even with all the supportive people and  great doctors the bird did not survive.

It is estimated that the bird was around 4 years old because the she still had dark feathers on her head. Around the age of 5, a bald Eagle will have all white feathers on their head, and white features on their tail. This little lady was still young, but she may still live on in a sense. According to the press...

"The eagle’s body will be taken to the state’s Department of Natural Resources for a necropsy and the carcass will then go to a Fort Collins, Colo.,eagle repository. Once there, Native Americans can request use of the eagle’s feathers for ceremonial headdresses."

If you think it is odd that bald eagles reside in Michigan you maybe surprised that in 48 different states.  Here is some other interesting facts about bald eagles from michigan.gov...

  • Bald Eagles reach maturity between the age of 4 years old and 5 years old.
  • They most likely mate for life.
  • They have been known to live for up to 50 years old in captivity.
  • In the wild they only live to be about 20 years old.
  • They like to make their nests in a white pine tree.
  • The Eagle nests near lakes or large rivers to be close to a food supply.
  • The birds average around 12 pounds.

Oh, and due to the Eagles large sing span it is hard for them to take off from the ground. If you see them in the road, slow down and give them a chance to become air born.

Keep your eyes peeled, because a bald Eagle may just sorrow by you!






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