No matter how hard we try to preserve the Great Lakes, big business always finds a way to put our great resources at risk.

According to WOOD, a company that has been wanting to build an oil pipeline in the Great Lakes has now been approved by a judge.

A deal made by former Republican Governor Rick Snyder and a company by the name of Enbridge to build the oil pipeline was under suspicion of being made against the Michigan Constitution was ruled by Judge Michael Kelly of the Michigan Court of Claims that the deal is approved.

Enbridge is now approved to replace the existing oil pipeline with a tunnel that will be built underneath the lake bottom of Lakes Huron and Michigan to house the new pipeline.

The Democratic Attorney General Dana Nessel claims the 2018 law was unconstitutional but the judge disagreed.

Hopefully the old pipeline never leaks nor the new one that is going to be built. The Great Lakes are the largest fresh water deposits we have as a country and hopefully never get any oil slicks.

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