The Galesburg Meat Company, whose building burned to the ground last week, may see an infusion of cash to help them rebuild.

Of course, there is a catch.

In a release, The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals says that they are offering $10,000 towards the business to rebuild, on the condition that they transition to a “vegan butcher shop”.  PETA says that they made the offer because the market for plant-based proteins is on the rise, made from products like tofu and seitan.

PETA’s Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman said in a letter to the Galesburg Meat Company that time is right for them to move “in a meat-free new direction.”

The business on Mill Street was declared a total loss after the fire in the morning of June 23, and it’s not clear what sparked the blaze.  Owners have expressed their desire to rebuild.

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The company was started by the brother and sister team of Kale and Aubry Walch, from its humble beginnings in June 2014 at the Minneapolis Farmers Market to a brick and mortar location called ‘The Herbivorous Butcher,’ located on First Avenue NE in Minneapolis and open six days a week.

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