You think you've seen it all, but this weekend I went and visited my son, who lives in Chicago, and while we think the $5.19 per gallon prices are outrageous here, and they are, still it's worse less than a couple of hundred miles around the lake to the west.

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The photograph was taken just outside of downtown Chicago near Lincoln Park and Lake Shore Drive. And sadly, there were stations charging even more, though, in all fairness, there were some that were less, just under the "magical six-dollar level". (And a funny side note: does anyone have the cajones to round off the price to simply $6.66? I don't know, maybe you'd call it the "Putin Price".

I don't know what the answer is. There doesn't seem to be as much complaining at the price (around southwest Michigan) as you'd think there would be. Sure, if you mention it to someone, almost everyone has a knowing reaction, but there seems to be a resigned sense of "what are you gonna do about it anyway?" attitude.

Here's something that did stick out: I can't count the number of Teslas I saw there this weekend. If you own a Tesla, wipe that smug look off your face.

In my lifetime, the worst economy was in the late 1970's, but even then, if you had some money, banks were paying north of 20% on certificate of deposits. But similarly to now, back then we were down and felt beaten by things like the Iran Hostage Crisis, and today it's almost three years of Covid and all the other horrible things that are happening around us.

What's the song title, "Holding Out for A Hero"? Problem is, we can't decide on that any more than we can agree on anything else.

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