They took last year off after 37 years of being one of the most loved and iconic advertisers during the Super Bowl. Who? I'm talking about Budweiser.

We missed you Bud, especially the Clydesdales. Their commercials were always the warm fuzzy, feel good ads that you never forgot. Well, finally, they're back.

What is it about their commercials? The have great visuals, music, but no words. And, this 1-minute commercial is no different. WZZM reported it tells the emotional story about a Clydesdale that is seriously injured while jumping over a barbed-wire fence. Of course there has to be a dog involved. How could there not be. The dog brings the Clydesdale back.

Ready for the spoiler? Want to see it before Sunday? If not, look away, but otherwise, here is a lot of sweetness.


Now, how can you not love that, especially with the past year we have gone through.

I don't know if you have caught it or not, but there is a 10-second teaser running on TV with the horse galloping and a caption "we're back."

Of course Anheuser-Busch will be pushing their other brands, too, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra and maybe even their hard seltzer. But they are saying all will have a hope and positive message. Now you're talking.


So, how much would one pay for a commercial in this year's Super Bowl?

Well, looking back to 1967, the first Super Bowl, and it was played on January 15, between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs, with the Packers winning 35 to 10. Spots in that game, then called the AFL-NFL Championship Game, and televised on both NBC and CBS, cost $42,000. Not this year. Commercials in this years game will run you as much as $7 million dollars! So, let's hope for some good ones.

NBC has exclusive rights to broadcast Super Bowl LVI this year, this Sunday, February 13, in L.A.

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