Some people with money you sometimes wonder how they ever earned it, unless they are trust fund babies and never did earn it.

We were just given another example, CBS Miami affiliate is reporting that some artist named Maurizio Cattelan actually just ducted taped a banana to a wall, called it “The Comedian” and sold it for $120,000.  I must admit I am jealous that I did not think of that and sell it to some cream filled Ding Dong for $100,000.  The buyer would have saved $20,000 to blow on some other stupid thing.

One person who was attending the event said:

It’s mocking the art world. That’s what Maurizio Cattelan does.

Someone will blow that much money to mock the art world, must be a trust fund baby.

By the way how will the buyer display this piece will they cut the wall it is hanging from in the art gallery?

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