One or more vandals who likes smiley faces and sometimes vaguely positive messages is having a heyday with spray paint around Battle Creek. For the last few weeks the smiley faces and related messages have been showing up on private and public buildings. Most of the vandalism has been along Capital Avenue between Dickman and Columbia.

The city’s code compliance manager is telling the Battle Creek Enquirer that it is getting out of hand. A $3 dollar can of spray paint causes a lot of damage. Along with the smiley faces, sometimes messages are written, like “It will be OK”, “Put the dope down”, and “Look Up”.

Some buildings have been hit, cleaned up, and then hit again with the cleanup and repair costs into the thousands. Even a city water tower at McCray Park along Eldred Street was marked up with the graffiti.

Battle Creek Police have officers on the lookout and are asking anyone who can help pinpoint the vandals to contact the department or Silent Observer.

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