It's unfortunate when people decide to destroy property. Especially, when it impacts a locally owned, small business.

On Valentine's Day of all days, the Victorian Bakery in Kalamazoo made this disheartening post:

The exact kind of vandalism experienced was not specifically mentioned. And, upon visiting The Victorian Bakery, there didn't appear to be any damage to the front-facing part of the store. However, one of the workers, although unclear about the exact details, said something had happened out back.

While The Victorian Bakery had to temporarily close, they are reopened as of today (2/16/22).

Why Do People Commit Vandalism?

This is the question we constantly see when what we see as senseless acts are committed, right? We want to know why.

Unfortunately, as is the case with anything involving humans, the answer is not necessarily black and white. The U.S. Department of Justice did a 'Psychological Analysis of Vandalism' and this is what they found,

In general, vandalism may be motivated by malicious greed, by the wish to draw attention to a particular condition, by a political ideology, by the desire for revenge on a particular person, by frustration, or by misguided playfulness.

Could there be reasons outside of those listed? Of course. Humans are complex creatures. And, since we don't know who committed the vandalism at the Victorian Bakery or if anything was stolen, it's pretty difficult to answer the question of why they did it.

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How Can I Help?

This one is easy. If you're able, go buy some baked goods!

TSM/ Chelsea Rose
TSM/ Chelsea Rose

The best thing that we, as consumers, can do for small, locally owned businesses when they face any sort of setback is to go buy their product. As well, if a business sets up any sort of GoFundMe, you can always make a monetary donation.

In this case, the Victorian Bakery has not set up any crowdfunding. So, snagging a croissant, cupcake, quiche, or eclair would be very helpful.

Small businesses, in normal circumstances, often have to work very hard to be successful. Add the ongoing pandemic and now vandalism to the can be very stressful for business owners.

In fact, while replying to one of the comments on their original post, The Victorian Bakery said,

If an employee had been injured, there would not be a bakery anymore! I’m exhausted!

That exhaustion is something, I'm sure, a lot of us could relate to right now. But, the community seems to have their back. The comment section was filled with encouraging messages like:

May this misfortune bring you abundance from the universe. - Kathy L.

Keep us up to date on when things are up and running again… it’s not like you need to twist my arm to come in for the best bakery goods in Kalamazoo! - Ren J. 

I am so sorry this happened to your beautiful bakery. Please know how many people appreciate you all! - Erin B. 

You are incredibly kind and do so much to help the community. We are happy to come lend a hand. Sad some wayward people harmed your business. Love to you. - Sarah B. 

There's no word on if police were contacted or if any people have been identified as suspects.

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