Battle Creek’s City Seal, which has long been derided as insensitive to Native Americans, could lose its last place of prominence.

The Battle Creek Enquirer reports that the City is working with the Native American Heritage Fund to remove the image of the City Seal that is in a stained glass window in City Hall, the only place the seal remains. The City Seal, designed back when the city was incorporated in 1859, features a white settler clubbing a Native American with his rifle; it is intended to represent the incident between surveyors and Natives that gives Battle Creek its name, even though the actual event is believed to be non-violent.

Though this imagery still remains Battle Creek’s official seal, since the 1980’s it has been almost entirely replaced in practice with what is called the city’s “logo”, which features a more stylized image of a surveyor and Native. In order for the seal to be officially replaced, the City Commission would need to vote on removing it

Recently, the city received a quote from Full Spectrum Stained Glass in Colon, who said it would cost almost $6,800 to remove the glass seal and replace it with a medallion design similar to other windows in City Hall. The Native American Heritage Fund, which was created to help fund projects of this nature, agreed on Friday to fund half of the cost of the removal.

The City still doesn’t know what will be done with the window once it’s replaced.

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