A Battle Creek area man is facing criminal charges after his employer alleged he ate a few beef sticks without permission.

The Battle Creek Enquirer says that police were called by management of the Family Farm & Home store on W. Michigan Ave. Monday afternoon, after they say one of their employees ate about $15 worth of beef sticks. Police spoke with the employee, a 52-year-old Bedford Township man, who said that he accidentally cut open a package of the snacks while opening a cardboard carton. Since he couldn’t put them on the shelf anymore, he and another employee ate the damaged food while they kept stocking shelves.

He said he thought he documented what happened, but store officials say he didn’t and he was fired for it. Police are now seeking a warrant for embezzlement charges against him.

With the value of the beef sticks that was eaten, he could face a misdemeanor punishable by up to 93 days in prison or a $500 fine.

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