It's a Bell's seasonal beer that's been around for close to twenty years, and this year, that beer is not only getting a new look, but also a new name.

The Beer Formerly Known As "Winter White Ale" is this year "Bright White Ale". The move appears to market the beer beyond the word 'winter" in its former name, and move it past visions of cold and snow. But Bell's states the recipe has not changed, saying "Bright White Ale is the same bright alternative to stouts, porters and other darker beer styles...still fermented with a Belgian yeast strain, yielding a mix of clove and fruity aromas without the use of any spices".

Bright White is inspired by the Belgian Wit (White) style of beer that has been brewed as far back as the Middle Ages. Unlike traditional Wit beers, Bright White includes no spices like coriander seed, orange peel, and sometimes grains of paradise. Bright White has several fruity aromas which all comes from the malt and yeast. This seasonal beer is enjoyable whether your view includes a snow man or a palm tree. - Bell's PR


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