The last time Bobby Holley made the 23 mile crawl from Battle Creek to Kalamazoo it was in 2018, and his passion for bringing awareness to end gun violence has not weakened since. unfortunately he can not say the same for his body, as he has announced he will be making his final crawl this year. In the past, the activist has made the crawl which can take nearly 30 hours to make, but he recently told the Battle Creek Enquirer that his time making this journey is just about up:

This is a wake up call, we as a people have got to come together. We can stop and end these terrible murders... (I'm) crawling to beg on my hands and knees, to put the guns down and spread love and peace within your community. This will be the last campaign like this that I'll ever do. It's going to be hard, my hands are messed up, my knees and my legs are messed up, my back is messed up... Regardless of my physical conditions, if I get out there and fall out, I know somebody is going to be there to pick me up.

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Holley's History

The activist not only has brought attention to ending gun violence, but he's also been apart of fundraising campaigns, like in 2021 when he was driving people to donate cans to go towards the purchase of bikes for local battle Creek kids. aside from activism, he's also a substitute teacher and an entertainer as well.

In the past, he's made a similar crawl to Lansing back in 2018, and last year pulled a casket. His final crawl begins Monday, February 21st at 10 a.m.

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