There are some people in Michigan who seriously love their bowling balls, and have done some pretty amazing stuff with them in terms of putting them on display. One of the coolest is all the way in the Upper Peninsula in the town of Hulbert, where nearby the iconic bright blue Handshake Motel is a tree in the front of a house that id made out of bowling balls. The bowling ball tree and the motel are located on M-28 east of Basnau Rd and you really have to appreciate the creativity of it.

A Yupper, Lyle commented on how even though he'd travelled past the motel many times, it wasn't until he shared his experience that he even noticed the tree:

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I've driven past this dozens of times over the last ten years, but I didn't notice it until this winter because the leaves were off the surrounding trees. It looks to be made of iron rebar with bowling balls as "leaves," all sprouting from a tall pole in the front yard of the Handshake Motel.

Another Unique Bowling Ball Display In Michigan

One more display we recently discovered was in in Romulus, MI. The house with the display is painted a very vibrant blue and has paintings of an Orca Whale and an Octopus, while their yard is filled with bikes, wagons, and brightly colored tubs filled and decorated with hundreds of bowling balls. When it comes to making fun yard art, these creative Michiganders SPARE no expense.


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